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Payroll accounting is more than just making sure your employees get paid! You need to make sure you’re complying with legal requirements, following tax principles, updating employee time off and banking information, implementing your company compensation package, and more. Can it get complicated? You bet! Do you need to worry about it? Absolutely not. We’ve got this! Dunham Accounting Services, LLC’s business payroll service can help you manage your payroll and all that comes with it.

Payroll Without Worries

We will keep records of each employee’s compensation, including salary, bonuses, wages, expenses, and commissions, but that is only part of it. We also ensure the withholding of taxes, social security, health insurance premiums, savings plans, and contributions. Sick of dealing with sick days? Let us handle it. Want a break from keeping track of vacation days? You can depend on us. If you find it taxing to deal with payroll taxes, we are here for you! No matter how complicated your payroll becomes, leave it to the pros at Dunham Accounting Services, LLC, and you won’t have to worry about a thing.

Paychecks with No Problems

We know that keeping employees happy is a high priority, and one way to do that is to ensure they get paid timely and accurately! With our business payroll service, we will work with you on a payment plan that works best for your business, whether it’s bi-weekly or semi-monthly. We will then go through each paycheck statement to ensure everything is correct and accounted for prior to being sent out. We’ll confirm direct deposit, incorporate bonuses, track time off, make any changes, process expenses—whatever is needed for each individual employee’s paycheck to be perfect every time!

Transactions Without Troubles

Sure, employees like to know detailed information about their paychecks, but businesses like to know how these transactions affect them too! A big part of our business payroll service is making sure you are aware of exactly how your payroll and our QuickBooks services work, what to look for on your financial statements, and how it all impacts your overall finances. We will be happy to provide quarterly reports, as well as answer any questions or make any adjustments at any time. Just let us know!

Take Advantage of Our Payroll Prowess!

Payrolls can get complicated, but not if you leave it to pros like us. We love a good challenge and don’t mind being called detail-oriented perfectionists (in fact, we get that a lot)! To wash your hands of your accounting worries and put your payroll problems in the past, contact 616-734-6914. We’ll take the stress out of your payroll duties, and take on any of your other accounting needs, too!

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